Eau De Parfum Spray

True love waits.

In South America, beyond the Northwest Argentine border, lies Atacama, the highest desert on earth, a majestic extension of salt and sands which changes colour according to the seasons.

Rain is scarce - Atacama is said to be the driest place on earth - but it just takes a few drops to awaken the seeds which patiently await underground and turn it pink with flowers.

A beautiful metaphor for Love patiently awaiting the kiss that kindles it.

The inspiration for ATACAMA takes ALTAIA back to South America, where its story began 150 years ago. On the border between Argentina and Chile lies the most arid desert on earth. Rainfall is very scarce - some parts of Atacama haven't seen rain in over 500 years - but when a few drops fall, the whole desert floor comes alive with flowers - a beautiful metaphore for Love, patiently awaiting the kiss that kindles it.


Salt Grains, Freesia

Jasmine, Clary Sage

Tonka Bean, Cashmere Wood

100ml / 3.4 fl oz €175,00

Made in Italy